Google Classroom

Google Classroom will be used to find lesson plans and assignments for each class every week. It will be expected that all students check for assignments and due dates for their specific band classes.

NEISD Google Student Account Login Instructions:

  • Sign in to Classroom at
  • Usernames: first initial and last name with the last four numbers of their ID number with no spaces + “”
  • Password: “ne” + their full student ID number with no spaces
  • On the Home page, click
  • Enter the code for your class or classes in the box and click Join.
  • To reset the code or disable it, click the code and select Reset or Disable.

Google Classroom Codes

Honor Band – w4fztk
Symphonic Band – z2l4zve
Concert Band – ovatgq
Jazz 1 – c2tg5c2
Jazz 2 – l5nf68
Beginning Flute/Oboe – posx0d
Beginning Clarinet – meij6
Beginning Saxophone/Bassoon – 1jwbhi
Beginning Trumpet – acxqemm
Beginning Horn – la58bu6
Beginning Low Brass – k6mzhfk
Beginning Percussion – jrx13a